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What herbs you should never use dry.

I was recently asked a question that made me realize when you do something for a living you run into danger of assuming too much. A woman asked me “when should I use say dry basil vs. fresh”? After a pause my answer was “I would never use dry basil”. I think the right question is which herbs should you ONLY use fresh. I am all about convenience but there are some herbs that just completely lose their integrity when dry. A bay leaf and oregano transform into something magical when dry. Their flavor intensifies into a concentrated perfume. Other herbs just “dry out”. Instead of becoming a concentrated form of themselves or something better they become something different and not so good.
There will always be exceptions and of course cooking is an art so if you like your creation then you should use the dried herb you choose. With that said I would never use any of the following herbs in their dry form: Basil, cilantro, tarragon, mint, and parsley. If you have a recipe that calls for one of these and you do not have the fresh form you are better off substituting another fresh herb than using the dried form. When in doubt trust your senses. Smell it. Dissolve a little on your tongue. If it does not smell appetizing or taste good it will not improve in your dish. Trust your instincts. Enjoy!

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