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The beauty of the seed!

I love cooking with spices. What I enjoy even more is cooking with whole seeds. Many seeds can add texture as well as flavor to your dish. Play around with one spice at a time. Eat one whole. See how the flavors develop in your mouth. See what the texture is like. Then try toasting the seed in a pan for a minute. Now taste it. See how the flavor and texture changes. You can add one type of spice in whole seed form to many of your favorite dishes and you will totally transform it. I have been adding fennel seed to my Chinese bean stir fry. Long Chinese beans, peanuts, chile arboles (the chile flake chile), garlic, hoisin sauce and a tsp of fennel seed. The fennel seed adds a mild anise flavor with a warming quality that balances out the sweet hoisin sauce perfectly. You get crunch, flavor and balance just by adding a small amount of fennel seed. Enjoy!

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