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Cooking Great Pasta

PastaCooking great pasta is as simple as:

1. Salt the water – you want to be able to taste salt in the water. Pasta by itself has so much flavor. Salting the water pulls out the amazing, natural wheat flavor of the pasta. This is one of the secrets to adding depth of flavor to your pasta dishes.

2. NO 0il in the water – I am sure you know better than that. Stir your pasta a couple times after you drop it into the water (make sure you have plenty of rapidly boiling water) and it won’t stick together. All oil does is coat the noodles and keep the sauce from doing the necessary embrace with the noodles. You want the sauce to sink into the noodles and absorb not bounce off.

3. Simmer the cooked pasta in the sauce for a minute. Pull your cooked pasta out of the water and drop it directly into the large sauté pan of sauce. Toss and simmer the pasta in the sauce so that the sauce can absorb into the pasta and the flavors marry. You want enough sauce to coat the noodles but you don’t want the pasta to swim. The noodles should stand tall and proud on the plate as if they are proud of their beautiful “coat”. They should not look like they are taking a swimming lesson 🙂

4. Finish with a small nugget of butter! Just a Tablespoon. Drop it into your pasta that is simmering in the sauce. Turn off the heat and toss or stir the pasta until the butter disappears. This small amount of butter brings the sauce together and polishes the flavors of the sauce. Your pasta will look silky on the plate and taste great!

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