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Homemade chorizo recipe for my Hatch Chile Stuffing!

November 27, 2010

Happy Holidays! I hope this finds you with a pleasantly full stomach and an even fuller heart! I love the holiday vibe. Cooking is always the essence of my joy so getting to see so many friends and family enjoy the food and wine of the holiday is a special treat. I thawed out my bag of green Hatch chiles for the holiday season. My first dish was Thanksgiving stuffing. The base of this stuffing is fresh (raw) chorizo vs. the dried salami style. I have always loved chorizo for its mouth-watering orange hue and bright chile flavor. I decided to make some from scratch. It turned out great! Give it a try. It is really quick and easy as long as you have a kitchen aid grinder attachment.

2 lb. Pork Shoulder cut into 1” cubes

8 oz. bacon (pork belly would be even better) cut into 1” pieces

1 Tb chopped garlic

1 Tb kosher salt

In the spice grinder: 2 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp coriander seed, 3 allspice berries, ½ tsp cumin seed – grind finely.

1 tsp dried thyme

1 Tb smoked paprika

1 tsp cayenne powder (double if you like it hot!)

2 Tb apple cider vinegar

1 Tb olive oil

In a large bowl mix everything together. Grind in your kitchen aid grinder. By mixing everything in BEFORE you grind the spices get fully integrated into the ground meat instead of trying to work the spice blend in after it is ground which is harder and also forces you to overwork the meat. Cover tightly with plastic and place in refrigerator. Let marinate overnight and then you are ready to use it as a base for stuffing, with eggs, to make a killer spicy sauce, tortilla soup, the list is endless! I think this is going to become a habit for me.

I placed the chorizo in a large sauté pan and within minutes the fat, chile and spices bleed together to create a bright orange/red “sauce”. The perfume from the fresh ground spices made my mouth water as they toasted in the pan! Like anything homemade the flavors were so clean and there was a natural balance of meat/fat. I added a cup of chopped hatch chiles and a quart of chicken stock to the chorizo. It became a rich sauce with the bright piquant heat of the green Hatch chiles and the deep, spiced laden heat of the paprika and cayenne. I tossed this mixture with some 1” cubes of dried rustic bread and baked it until moist but not mushy. I took the foil off and broiled it for just a couple of minutes so that the edges of the bread became crispy. Enjoy!

Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!


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  1. November 27, 2010 1:57 pm

    Wow! Very kewl. Chorizo is one of my Dad’s favorite things, and I’ve never even thought of making a homemade version. Been trying to think what to do for my parents on their soon upcoming 51st anniversary, giving this a go looks perfect. Beauty, thanks Jeffrey!

  2. sweetpea111 permalink
    November 27, 2010 4:20 pm

    I’m confused. Why would you need kosher salt when cooking with pork? 🙂

    • Jeffrey Saad permalink*
      November 29, 2010 3:24 pm

      Hello, I use Kosher salt for everything because I like the size (I can feel how much I am using and can see it fall when seasoning things). I also think it has a more pure salt flavor whereas the fine table salt tastes “saltier”. Hope that makes sense. Sorry for any confusion.

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