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Pork fat and chiles!

October 24, 2010

I love the burst of rich, clean pork fat laced with the piercing heat of dried red chiles when I bite into a freshly made hot breakfast sausage! The family woke up yesterday to a rainy San Francisco morning. I just got back from two weeks on the road and was so excited to just spend the day as a family and get back in the kitchen. I took a handful of fresh ground pork meat with a solid 20% fat content. I mixed it with some freshly ground, dried red chiles, an egg yolk and some salt and pepper. I pressed the meat into patties and fried them up in a touch of olive oil. I poured the excess grease off and then added the freshly cut sweet corn from one cob and a few chopped green onions. Once the corn was slightly colored (and super sweet!) I added a tsp of herbs de Provence and allowed it to toast for a moment (once you smell the herb or spice it is perfectly toasted). I then added a ¼ C. of chicken stock to bring the pan bits together to form a sweet onion/corn sauce. A few fried eggs and the family was enjoying a soul-warming breakfast with a backdrop of cozy SF rain. My family will never know the joy I get from watching them eat and smile. Cooking brings so much joy on every level.

The pork was slightly pink thus bursting with juice. The golden crust gave the sausage a slightly crisp texture. Moments after the juice of the sausage coated my tongue I got the perfect blast of heat. Chiles are my favorite ingredient because they offer such a huge range of flavor as well as heat. These chiles (I brought back from the South of France this summer) are super hot. You only need a couple for a whole batch. They offer a clean heat with a ton of bright chile flavor and just a touch of floral earthiness. It is no surprise they are a natural complement to their neighborly herbs de Provence. The yolk of the egg blended with the sweet corn and onion broth to form a slightly viscous natural sauce. Whether you have rain or sun I hope you are eating something that makes you stop and say wow with people you love!

Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy!


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