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How to make an incredibly tasty meal in ten minutes – Asian steak and eggs!

March 22, 2010

It was a great day but a long day. We had Persian New Year an hour away at my mother-in-law’s house and then raced back for my daughter’s variety show at school. She made the most amazing movie on her Mac “a day in the life of an 8th grader”. It was a big hit.

By the time the show was over we were “STARVING”. As we drove home I was mind-tasting my way through the refrigerator to see what to make. I had some skirt steak and some eggs but not much more. I had some nori (sushi wrappers) and a nice supply of my favorite Asian superheroes of flavor (hoisin sauce, Sriracha chile sauce, plum sauce, oyster sauce, Thai chile sauce, fish sauce, etc). I decided to experiment with an Asian twist on steak and eggs.Skirt steak is easily one of the most flavorful cuts of meat (think carne asada!) and it’s thin so it cooks quickly. I mixed some fish sauce, hoisin sauce and sriracha (just a few drops) in a bowl. I added a TB of sesame seeds as well. I seasoned the steak (very lightly due to the high salt content in the condiments) and seared it in sesame oil over high heat until dark golden brown. I flipped it over and cooked it for just a minute more. I then took tongs and ran it through the bowl of condiments I created and glazed it evenly all over. I then laid the steak back into the pan so the sugars could caramelize and create a sweet/spicy glaze on my golden brown steak. I set it aside to rest and re-absorb its juices (the key to tender meat). This gave me the few minutes I needed to fry a couple eggs (med heat and a touch of oil as always). I broke half a sheet of nori into small pieces in the pan before cracking the eggs in. The bits of nori fried into the eggs creating a beautiful plaid jacket of seaweed on the eggs. Onto a plate with the steak and dinner was served in less than 15 minutes.

The combination of the sweetness from the hoisin sauce with the heat of the Siracha was incredible. The glaze cooked into the surface of the meat creating a glistening crust. The sesame seeds became perfectly toasted in the last minute of cooking and providing little bursts of “nuttiness” with each bite. The fish sauce (just a little) created that perfect depth of flavor and “what is that in there” sensation that I love with Asian ingredients. With the first assault of my fork the egg yolk ran out to join the juices of the steak and the drippings of the glaze to create a sauce that years of training as a chef could not compete with. The seaweed gave the egg such a unique taste of the sea almost creating a “surf and turf” sensation but was never overpowering. It was just enough to tie the steak and eggs together.

I couldn’t tell if my wife was more annoyed or scared with my endless self-praise over my new creation. Only after 14 years of marriage can one look say “shut up and eat, it’s late” so beautifully. I love that woman. I love this dish. Enjoy!

p.s. The meal was great with the La Vieille Ferme, 2008. A blend of Grenache, syrah and cinsault (classic Rhone varietals. Only $9 a bottle! Great fruit and not too much tannin. The fruit stood up to the spice and the egg softened the little bit of tannin in the wine which brought out the fruit even more.

Eat Well, Enjoy life, Be happy

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  1. Peter C permalink
    April 16, 2010 6:24 am

    Oh my that looks amazing! I’m going to try this twist on breakfast real soon!

    • Jeffrey Saad permalink
      April 18, 2010 8:58 pm

      Thank you Peter! Enjoy! Jeffrey 🙂

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