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Egg Tuesday – Simple can so often be better. Three ingredient recipes in fewer than 4 minutes.

February 2, 2010

As the spokesperson for the incredible edible egg and America’s egg farmers I blog about cooking eggs every Tuesday.

I am always happy to play in the kitchen for hours at a time but sometimes I only have a few minutes to spare. The good news is even when you only have a few minutes you do not have to sacrifice health, flavor or quality! Over the last couple days I was in that situation but still needed my egg fix. Here are the two dishes I made in less than 4 minutes.

Black pepper magic – I fried an egg in olive oil over medium heat and loaded it with black pepper. It is easy to forget that black pepper is not just a sister seasoning to salt but a magical, slightly spicy, full flavored spice on its own. I used about five times more pepper than I would have if I was just seasoning my egg. If you have a pepper grinder that is the way to go. Grind on a course setting and enjoy the texture, vibrancy, and mild dried fruit and spice flavor. The olive oil was essentially poaching the egg from below. When the white was starting to set I covered the pan and allowed the steam to cook the top. This was one of the tastiest eggs ever. The black pepper sunk into the rich, satisfying yolk as I cut into it. The olive oil gave the white a beautiful yellow glow and clean flavor. A piece of toast and I was on my way with the lingering mild heat of black pepper and the perfectly satiated, sustainable feeling I love.

Do you have another 4 minutes?

Fried egg in olive oil with smoked salmon and fresh dill.

You can also use dry dill and left over cooked salmon. The combination of salmon and egg may be the best start to the day your body could ask for. The dill lends its weedy, bright perfume to the dish making you feel like you are having an elegant weekend brunch. Fry the egg in olive oil or butter. Flip the egg over, add the pieces of salmon and dill and cook until set as you like it. Slide onto a plate and enjoy!

New News – America’s egg farmers are searching for the next Incredible Person! You can share videos of you and/or your child’s extraordinary mind/body talents and skills on The winner will have a chance to appear in an incredible edible egg ad along with other great prizes, including a year’s supply of eggs and a donation of 10,000 eggs to the winner’s local food bank of choice! On top of that, America’s egg farmers will match every video uploaded by donating one egg to Feeding America!

Eat Well, Enjoy life, Be happy

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