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Egg Tuesday – Egg-potato torta

December 29, 2009

As the spokesperson for the incredible egg and the American Egg Farmers I blog about eggs every Tuesday. Today I am utilizing holiday meal leftovers to make my version of an incredible classic Spanish dish. The Spanish version is called Tortilla Espanol which is basically sautéed potatoes and onions bound with egg and pressed into a skillet to form a “torte”. It is a great dish to have on the counter for anyone to grab a slice when they are hungry. It is great served with salted sweet tomatoes.

This is a classic case of the egg being the hero to not only add flavor and texture but act as the binding agent to turn your simple leftovers into something incredible. The potatoes are creamy, the onions sweet with a slight crunch, and the brussel sprouts are a healthy vegetable companion to the nutrient packed, protein rich eggs.

You can use any vegetables or leftovers that you like. Potato is usually the base. I am using leftover roasted baby potatoes, onions, and brussel sprouts. You can add any herbs or spices that you like as well. If you want to cook one from scratch you can use the same pan that you use to sauté the potatoes and vegetables to cook the torte.

Key Flavor Factors:
1. Use a non-stick pan with a little melted butter or olive oil.
2. Press the mixture firmly into the warm pan.
3. Medium heat so that everything cooks evenly and the torte gets golden brown.
4. Cook about four minutes on the first side. You will smell the mixture starting to brown.
5. Place a plate over the pan and carefully flip it over onto the plate. Slide the torte back into the pan. Press down and cook one minute more.
6. Slide onto a clean plate and serve hot, room temperature or even cold.
7. You can also cut it into thin triangles or squares to serve as “tapas” style appetizers.

The holidays are coming to an end but good eating never ends!

Feed the hungry by making a pledge (no cost) to eat good and do good everyday.  The American Egg Farmers are donating up to one million eggs to feed the hungry.

Eat well, Enjoy life, Be happy

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