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Going out to cook your own food! The pleasure of the hot pot!

July 19, 2009

My family decided to go out to eat the other night instead of cooking. My suggested we go back to Shabu Shabu House in Little Tokyo. My son Sebastian actually turned us on to this restaurant a year ago when he was taken there by a friend. Shabu Shabu is “hot pot” cooking. The Shabu Shabu house does it the best!

You park and walk into the Japanese Village. You know where the place is immediately because there is a hungry crowd stacked in front of the place. You put your name on a list and pray to the culinary gods that you will get in before your stomach eats itself! It is so worth the wait!

The owner doesn’t say more than five words but he doesn’t need to because his manner is so comforting and helpful you feel like he is lucky to have you eating there. If it is your first time he will dress your sauces for you. There is a sesame sauce and a ponzu sauce. He adds a little raw garlic if you like, some chile oil, green onions and daikon (Japanese radish). You then look down at a large plate of very thinly slice rib eye steak. Almost Carpaccio style. The meat is bright red and marbled so beautifully your mouth starts watering at the sight of the glistening lines of fat holding together the beautifully fresh meat. I would have never imaged that boiled meat could be so elegant! You drop it in your own pot of boiling water and per the owners suggestion “count to 3 for MR and 5 for Medium”. You pull it out and drop it into one of your sauce creations. This cools it down and sauces it up perfectly. You then drop it on your bowl of rice. Each time you do that the rice takes on more and more flavor. As you continue the process the rice because decadent. You also have a plate of enoki mushrooms, Napa cabbage, carrots, seaweed, udon and glass noodles. I love to watch my children get excited cooking their own food and created their own plates. We laugh, we eat, and we take in the awesome vibe of another culture. You look around the room and you see all walks of life coming together with a big smile in a room of steaming pots and killer food! Check it out!

Eat well, enjoy life, be happy.

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