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Knee surgery and stuffed lemons

June 26, 2009

My daughter Isabella is amazing. I am laid up on the couch after knee reconstruction surgery (first time I have had a serious injury from martial arts in 22 years) and Isabella tells me she is going to make me lunch. She decides to try a version of a recipe she saw on Food Network by Giada. Hollowed out lemons stuffed with pasta, cream and Parmesan cheese.  IMG_0158She hollowed out the lemons with a paring knife and melon baller. She then cooked a small, rice shaped pasta called orzo until al dente and drained it. She mixed that with a little cream and Parmesan and simmered it for a minute. She then scooped the pasta mixture into the lemons and topped it with parsley. It was excellent. Such a great example of how tasty just a few good ingredients can be. The pasta had the great full, wheat flavor due to the al dente texture and well salted water (she has learned the importance of putting enough salt in the pasta water), the full flavor and lovely acidity of the lemon permeated the pasta just from being stuffed into the lemon for only a few minutes. The clean lemon acidity was perfectly balanced by the cream and the nutty, rich saltiness of the Parmesan. The fresh chopped Italian parsley balanced the flavors perfectly and of course added the visual that is always important. Thank you Bella! I love to eat well without leaving the couch!
Eat well, enjoy life, be happy.

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