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I never thought a double “0” would be a great thing!

June 19, 2009

No matter how gourmet or fancy food gets there is still nothing better than a perfect slice of pizza. DSC_0084I love when you can taste the full flavor of the yeast in the crust. The edges chew like artisanal bread; the center is almost paper thin but can still do the job of holding the perfectly balanced, simple flavors on top. The sauce is of course a culinary symphony of balance with a burst of tomato acidity up front, a mellow undertone of spice, and a perceived sweetness from the quality of the tomatoes that went into the sauce but never really sweet. The cheese is fresh mozzarella that melts into clouds of simple milky, pleasure from the blobs that were dropped on top. Fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil. Hello!!!

After playing with pizza dough for years I have learned the secrets. 1. Use the double “0” flour if you can. It is super soft winter wheat flour that makes for the most delicate dough yet it still has chew. 2. Make a soupy mixture of yeast, water and flour and let it age in the refrigerator for two days. Add some more flour into it and let it age another couple days. Finish adding the flour and some salt and then make IMG_0077the dough as you always would. 3. Use a pizza stone and let it get as hot as your oven will allow for at least an hour before use. 4. Roll or stretch the dough as thin as you can. 5. After you press the crust up thicker than the center rub a little olive oilDSC_0062 around the edges so it gets nice and crisp in the oven.

Eat well, enjoy life, be happy.

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