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Quick, tasty eggs with little effort

June 5, 2009

I get the most satisfaction cooking when I make something on the fly with exactly what is in the refrigerator and spend no more than ten minutes doing it. Breakfast the other morning was one of those moments. DSC06360I was hungry for something a little more substantial. I opened the refrigerator and decided I wanted eggs. Scrambled soft and fluffy. I love the simple, pillow-like texture of perfectly folded scrambled eggs with jut a touch of salt. But what to have with them?

I had a little left over Treviso (radicchio like green) and some pancetta (that tasty bacon that is salt cured but not smoked like traditional bacon). I sautéed the pancetta until it just started to get crisp. I then tossed in the Treviso which I cut very thin. The pancetta continued to brown and the Treviso started to wilt and catch up to the browning. Once the entire mixture was nice and golden I hit it with a little lemon juice. As you know it is always great to finish a sauté with a liquid that can go to work on those yummy bits on the bottom of the pan! I slid that lovely mixture out of the pan and next to my eggs. Lovely! Tasty and most importantly quick!

The key to the perfect scramble on the eggs is to fork whisk them with a little water and salt. Pour them into a slightly buttered pan that is not too hot. Use a rubber spatula and just gently fold the eggs over themselves making sure to “clean” the bottom of your pan (non-stick is ideal) as you fold. I don’t like those dry bits of egg shrapnel that can form on the bottom and sides of the pan. When the eggs are still shinny turn off the heat and the residual heat of the pan with take them to egg heaven!

Eat well, enjoy life, be happy.

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