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Grilled to perfection, it is all about the meat!

June 4, 2009

I discovered this new meat purveyor named Harvey Gus Meats. He used to be wholesale only. Now you can go into the back alley and get it retail but the price is good. I felt like a drug dealer as I pulled into the alley and looked around. I did not see anyone but I saw the back door open. It was the delivery door. There was no obvious customer entrance. As I entered a guy yelled “Harvey”. This old gentleman came out through the plastic cooler strips that hang from the ceiling in his long white butcher coat. I must have looked like a kid in a candy shop instead of a drug dealer because he gave me a big smile and invited me in. He took me into his cooler where he had huge slabs of meat hanging for their dry-aging. It looked like a day spa for beef. Everything was clean and organized.

You must call ahead for your order. I asked for one Ribeye and one New York. Prime of course is all he carries. Prime is the best. It is the most marbled (lines of yummy fat running through the meat). Choice is the next step down (that is what you find in most supermarkets) and Standard is the lowest. (Not in safety but in flavor!) I asked him to cut them 1 ½” thick. That is the key. When I got those puppies home all they asked for was salt and pepper and a touch of olive oil. I seared them on a really hot grill. Due to the thickness I was able to get a perfect dark, seared, delicious brown crust on top and still have the center be medium rare. It was such a hit I did not even get a picture (I swear, it really was beautiful). We each got a fourth of each steak and did a taste test. Everyone agreed the ribeye’s rich, juicy flavor was the winner but the New York was a proud second place. The New York showed the dry-age flavor really well but is a less marbled steak. You get what you pay for! In this case I got a little more. Harvey is my new meat man for sure!

I boiled some golden beets and tossed them in some left over meyer lemon vinaigrette and fresh chopped tarragon. A little orzo on the side and that is all she wrote! Eating is a necessity but eating well is such a PLEASURE!

Eat well, enjoy life, be happy.

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