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Your food is a reflection of your mood. Fava beans gone wrong.

May 28, 2009

Your work, your art, what you do is almost always a direct reflection of you and the state of mind you are in when you are creating. I came home from a long day a little off. Not feeling my usual on top of the world self. DSC06260I was impatient and my kids felt it. I was tired and just not in the mood for much. Somehow I decided I still wanted to cook which I knew was probably a mistake.

I had these beautiful, buttery fava bean beauties that I got from the farmers market. They lay there begging me to do something simple and sweet to them. To allow them to show their smooth, slightly bittersweet buttery texture. They did not ask for much. I failed.

I did a quick blanch as you should (drop the shelled beans in boiling water for 60 seconds, then into an ice bath and strain). The beans slipped out of their little cellulose robes and were glistening green. Soft may be a touch sense but you could SEE the smooth texture of the beans. Beautiful.

I decided to add them to a light tomato sauce with linguine. I mucked it up. The delicate flavor of the favas was lost and all you got was the starch quality which is not exactly what pasta needs more of! You could still serve it to friends (maybe not your best friends) but it was not a winner. Next time – A little olive oil, some mint, a shave of dry, salty pecorino cheese and of course a smile.

Lesson learned. Next time I am in a blah mood I am ordering out! When you have a simple ingredient that should be appreciated do as little as possible to it. Let it shine! Buen Provecho, eat well, enjoy life and be happy!

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