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Memorial Day Weekend Poolside Grilling

May 25, 2009

There is nothing better than heading into the holiday weekend freshly stocked up from the farmers market. The weather is the usual LA sunny and 75 and we are enjoying a family day poolside! Time to eat!DSC06223

I love grilled vegetables. You get to enjoy the full flavor of the grill but still be healthy. I toss baby green zucchinis and Treviso (in the Radicchio family. Full bodied and even more bitter than its cousin the classic round head of radicchio) in olive oil, salt and pepper. It only takes a few minutes on a high grill to mark both sides and cook the veggies until they just start to soften but are still firm. The edges take on a slight char and DSC06228wilt but the centers still have body. I grate a little cotija (dry cows’ milk Mexican cheese similar to Parmesan in texture and saltiness) over the zucchini. I heat chile flakes and finely chopped garlic in walnut oil and drizzle that over the Treviso. The heat of the chiles and the silky richness of the walnut oil is a nice foil to the pleasing bitterness of the Treviso. Great eating is always about balancing flavor, body, acid, fat and heat.

The pork loin gets grilled and topped with a warm salsa of sautéed apples and sage. I peeled the apples and cubed them. Sauté them along with the sage leaves in a little butter and olive oil. Once the apples are golden and the sage leaves start to brown I hit them with a little brandy and simmer for a minute. I then add a splash of chicken stock to bring it all together. I leave the apples a little firm so you have a salsa texture on the pork. If it was dinner time and I wanted a more elegant sauce I would cook them to soft or juice the apples and make a sauce with shallots and garlic leaving the sage leaves whole.DSC06229

You are missing the most beautiful part of this scene (my wife, she is taking the picture). Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! Buen Provecho!!

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