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The best of what is in season. Open face lasagna with morels and asparagus.

May 22, 2009

When you truly taste something that is perfectly ripe you are instantly reminded of what “in season” really means. TDSC06211here is one girl at the Santa Monica farmers market every Wednesday that has the best tomatoes. She always looks at me and smiles and says “shall I pick the best ones for you?” and she does!! Check out these tomatoes, they are like candy! They can barely stand up under their own weight. The moment I cut them they create their own sweet sauce with the perfect touch of cleansing acidity.DSC06218

Morels, my favorite mushroom. These magical culinary sponges absorb whatever liquid they encounter through their beautifully porous bodies. These beauties are as much about their texture as they are about their mild, earthy mushroom flavor.

I took the morels and the tomatoes along with some perfect asparagus and made open faced lasagna. The pre-cooked Barilla lasagna sheets boil in no time. I sautéed the morels and asparagus in a touch of butter and olive oil with garlic and basil. I added the chopped tomatoes which instantly released their juice to create the perfect, light sauce to allow the flavor of the morels to shine. Next time I will drop a little fresh mozzarella over the top to finish it off perfectly.

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