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No-Fail Quail Egg Scrumptiousness

May 19, 2009

Need a quick easy lunch that’s fit for a King? Today’s cooking improvisation revolved around a Quail egg. The end result looked great, was super easy to achieve and tasted unbelievable.DSC06103

Here’s the recipe:

Take 1 ½” cross section of baguette; dig out enough bread to create a little well. Sautee the bread in butter and olive oil until golden. Drop some dry aged goat cheese into the hole in the bread (I used some from my left over orzo pasta lunch). Crack a quail egg into the hole and broil it until it is opaque but with a lovely, creamy yellow center; the yolk will be one oz. of perfect “sauce”.

Drizzle with truffle oil and garnished it with chopped watercress. Creamy egg, sharp goat cheese, crispy bread and of course the magical earthiness of the unforgettable truffle oil. Hello!!

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