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Fabulous Food on the Fly

May 15, 2009

By Jeffrey Saad

Isn’t it incredible how good food is about so much more than just eating? When I prepare a great dish it transforms the energy in the house, the mood of everyone eating and the tone that is set for the rest of the day. Infns5_jeffrey_s3x4_alt always amazes me how my best dishes are the ones that are on the fly with minimal ingredients; things that are in the refrigerator. Often times it is a combination of a couple left-overs, like some caramelized onions that were for a pizza with a left over piece of steak. I make a harissa mayo and a sandwich to die for is born!!

I just brought home squash blossoms from the farmers market. You don’t need a recipe to get these beautiful DSC06201“flowers” to provide a tasty, texture filled moment. I decided to make them the center piece for my morning improvisation. The bright orange and yellow pedals folded over themselves under the moderate heat of the walnut oil and fresh thyme was amazing. I wanted to make risotto but it was lunchtime so time was limited. 8 minutes later I had perfectly cooked orzo (small rice shaped pasta) doing a fabulous stand in job for risotto. A few cherry tomatoes and a shaving of dried goat cheese provided my wife and I with a 20 minute lunch poolside that felt like a vacation far, far away. All that was missing was a perfect glass of Gruner Veltliner (light Austrian white wine with floral notes from heaven). Next time…

For a sneak peak of my appearance as a finalist on The Next Food Network Star click here.

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